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Tag: Ubuntu

IPSec tunnel between Palo Alto Networks Firewall and Ubuntu


In the last article, we used strongSwan and configured an IPSec tunnel between two Ubuntu servers. In this article, we will configure the IPSec tunnel between Palo Alto Networks Firewalls and Ubuntu. Let’s get started! Prerequisite To configure…

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How to configure IPSec tunnel on Ubuntu using strongSwan


strongSwan is an open-source, cross-platform utility that helps us to configure IPSec tunnel on Linux environments. We can install the strongSwan and configure the IPSec VPN on Ubuntu and Debian environments. I’ve already configured a Ubuntu server on…

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Install Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 22.04


Apache is the most popular open-source, feature-rich Web Server. More than half of active websites deployed on Apache Web Server. It is a cross-platform server and can be deployed on Linux and Windows. It is highly customizable, and…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Deploy Ubuntu on AWS Lightsail


Amazon AWS Lightsail allows us to deploy and manage the cloud servers with a few clicks. We can either deploy a fresh server, i.e., Ubuntu, Debian, etc., or a server with pre-installed applications such as WordPress. Additionally, AWS…

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How to add Windows 7 Host to EVE-NG Simulator


In this article, we will add Windows 7 Host to the EVE-NG Simulator. EVE-NG is a Ubuntu operating system-based simulator that allows you to run network devices. To add Windows 7 to the EVE-NG simulator, you just need…

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